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About VitalityVidafy

I became a partner to share the product with others.


Since 2019, turmeric has been the most sought-after ingredient in the dietary supplement world, due to the proven health benefits of its multiple phytonutrients known as curcuminoids. The most active is called curcumin, and, in addition to many wellness benefits, it also gives the turmeric root its beautiful golden color.


NANOFY is VIDAFY’s first in a line of proprietary wellness products. It features the best delivery system available for curcumin, the powerful active ingredient in turmeric.


Our unique formulation is made with BioMS™ Technology, a patented nanotech process that lets your body absorb curcumin at optimal levels. This function is commonly referred to as “bio-availability,” which means this valuable supplement can be absorbed at the intestinal level and then transported most efficiently to each cell, delivering benefits and optimizing its effects throughout your system. 


In fact, a study* found that with NANOFY your body absorbs, on average, over 277 times more active ingredient than with turmeric powder alone. That’s powerful!*


Why Nanofy?

I've been an Internist, Chiropractic Physician and Clinical Nutritionist for 20+ years so I'm always seeking the best for my patients. 

Because my patients come to me for new and innovative ways to reduce pain in all different areas of their body. I've focused on taking a holistic approach and treating the route cause instead of just the symptoms. 


With over 100 medical studies written about curcumin and tumeric I couldn't' deny it's effectiveness for treating several chronic conditions while reducing overall inflammation so it's always been an essential part of my treatment arsenal. The limiting factor has always been poor or limited bioavailability...until now. 


Then I learned about NANOFY and BioMS technology which has revolutionized my practice! The response in my patients has been nothing short of astonishing! 


Even if you think you've tried need to give this new technology a real try.

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Order as a retail customer.

Nanofy is $60 for a 30 day supply. If you want a 50% discount you would have to enroll as a business partner. 

ID# 26960




For information on how you can become a partner and earn 50% commissions on all customer sales please check link below. 

I partnered up with Vidify because I want to use the product and share it. Like I would any affiliate opportunity. Business partners also receive 50% off their orders.

You have 0 monthly commitments to be paid your 50% commissions.

ID# 26960


If you decide to enroll as a Partner (or use an an Affiliate opportunity) please send screenshot of enrollment to my sponsor and she will plug you into the groups to help you grow your affiliate business. 

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